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Welcome to Cheryl’s Corner!

January 16, 2018

Our focus this year is ‘Consciously Evolving’ and throughout January, we are exploring how our life experiences are what give us the opportunity to consciously choose, change, & create our evolving life one day, one choice at a time.

Today, I would like to expand on this idea of choosing to evolve from our current state of consciousness to a level of ‘Higher Consciousness’.  I have been reading & or listening to – researching – a lot about our consciousness and how to understand, expand and evolve this Divine aspect of ourselves. I want to share some of what I’m learning with you. 
This Cheryl’s Corner is going to be a 2 part series or study, going deeper into learning ways to move toward our Higher Levels of Consciousness.


To begin, here is a quote from Ernest Holmes that shows us the Science of Mind philosophy regarding achieving our Higher Consciousness:

”The best way to arrive at the highest consciousness is to have a great faith in the willingness and the ability of Spirit to do all for us by working through us. We must believe in the inherent goodness and all-powerfulness of the Spirit. We must let every path lead us back to the point where we realize the inner presence of the great Reality. There, through the door of our own thought, we enter into the Universal Consciousness, into a complete realization of life and truth, of love and beauty.”

(‘The Spiritual Universe and You’ – 1971; p. 89.4)

  • You are Life evolving into a higher consciousness.
  • Your life is not a random series of events.
  • It is an intelligent and mysterious process that continues throughout your life.
  • Your life is a journey from unconsciousness, to consciousness,
    to higher consciousness.


Michael Beckwith has written extensively on this topic & I want to pass on some of his (greatly summarized) wisdom with you.




Six Levels of “Higher Consciousness”




1) Life Happens TO You
Since we never really know what is going to happen next in our life, we can feel like life is happening to us. From happy to sad to unsettled we can often feel like we are being tossed around by the winds of fate. This can cause you to feel that life is unsafe or threatening. These feelings remain alive and thriving because your inner ‘story teller’ is always ready to tell you a story based on your past experiences, hurts and fears. The story teller within you resists, reacts, defends, & explains. It is not open to life here & now. 
At this level or phase, you are more unconscious than conscious of what is truly going on in your life. The more unconscious you are, the more you feel like a victim of life. Victimhood = Powerlessness!

2) Life Happens BY You
When it gets too uncomfortable to live with your victim feelings and your lack of power you begin to seek a different, bigger thought and you move in a different direction – away from what makes you feel so powerless – toward choosing to believe that life happens by you, by your choices, your decisions and your actions. Rather than being a ‘victim’ to life, you begin to believe you can control it. This can be a great feeling of personal power and it is a necessary step in moving out of the victimhood of the first level of being unconscious. However, believing you can control life has its own set of problems. Mostly we try to control ourselves, trying to make ourselves be what we think we ‘should’ be – trying to make it happen or even force it to happen. This is counter-productive and causes frustration and discontent. Life flows – it cannot be forced!

3) Life Happens IN You

At this level of Being, you begin to see that all of your reacting and controlling behavior has not brought you the ease and joy that you long for. Instead of being the victim to your life, or needing to make it be any particular way, you see the endless game of struggle. Struggling to look a particular way or to be seen by others the way you want them to see you… What a never ending struggle! When this awareness becomes apparent to you and when you stop resisting and struggling, you begin to turn your attention within and that’s when the healing you long for begins. You begin to get that Life is happening inside of you and that it is something to be ‘listened to’, to ‘open-up to. This is when you start evolving into the next stage of Higher Consciousness. At this higher phase, you begin to realize that, as is written in the Talmud, “we don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are”!

4) Life is Happening For You
Become curious about what is happening in your life rather than reacting to it and trying to controlling it all. When you get out of the way you open to the realization that life is happening for you. You see that it is not something that is happening to you that you must control! In this level of consciousness you begin to realize that there are no ordinary moments and that Life is not a random series of events, it is a highly Intelligent unfolding that is putting you in the exact situations you need in order for you to see and unhook from your paradigms, your erroneous beliefs, or ‘personal stories’ that keep you separate from Life’s flow. At this level of consciousness, no matter what is happening in your life – you finally understand that life knows what it is doing – and you begin to show up for life exactly as it is.


Throughout your day, allowing moments of curiosity about what is happening right now, can be powerful. Every time you respond, rather that react to what is going on inside, what was formerly bound-up, begins to loosen. Remember, your natural state is ‘free-flowing aliveness’! When this aliveness gets trapped in your ‘story’, your energy and joy diminish. When your thoughts about your story receives the light of Truth and your attention to it, then you can let go of this trapped energy – it can once again flow freely, bringing with it greater awareness and freedom.

  • Remember:

Life is set up to bring up what has been bound up so it can open up to be freed up so you can show up for life!

Connect with this moment in your life right now. Hear it, sense it, feel it – this ‘now moment’ is the only moment that matters in your whole life – for it is the only moment where life is happening!


Read about the 5th, & 6th Levels of Higher Conscious in next week’s Cheryl’s Corner!


This Week at CSL:
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Going Deeper with Spirit: Discussion Group with Kelly & July Freeman Sunday 11:00am-12:15pm

“Consciousness & Relationships” with Kelly Freeman



“There is an inner Life into which we may plunge, an inner consciousness in which we may bathe. As water purifies itself by flowing, so our inner realization of the flow of Life through us purifies the stagnant pools of our fears and doubts. As weary travelers crossing the desert, seeking the refreshment of an oasis, so we, with a mind weary with confusion and exhausted with too much effort, should seek a spiritual oasis, an inner communion with the invisible Presence.” (Holmes)

Love & Blessings,