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Welcome to Cheryl’s Corner!

January 23, 2018

Coming into 2018 with a deliberate focus on ‘Consciously Evolving’  has already proven to not only beneficial, but life-changing.

I am seeing prayers answered, consistent and persistent affirmations turning into knowing and knowing turning into reality. From the perfect car for me to the opportunity to achieve the long-held desire of going back to school for another, manifestations are occurring! One can only live consciously by staying as close to the ‘Now moment’ as possible. Once you move from the present moment and place your attention on all the distractions around you or the past or future, you lose sight of all the opportunities, choices or awareness’s that are possible in that moment.

Conscious living is the path that brings you face-to-face with your True self and your True passions and desires. It is also the path to truly connected relationships. This path allows you to consciously create your life personally and in relationship. Congratulations to all of you who are consciously manifesting!

Last week I began a 2 week series on our human journey from unconsciousness, to consciousness, to a higher consciousness by sharing with you, from my perspective, some Michael Beckwith’s wisdom.  The first 4 levels of “The 6 Levels of Higher Consciousness” were addressed in last week’s Cheryl’s Corner. I encourage you to look back to the Cheryl’s Corner page to read the January 16th post about how you can consciously evolve through the Levels to a Higher Consciousness, one where you can achieve mastery!

The 6 Levels of Higher Consciousness (cont.)

5) Life Happens Through You

This phase of higher consciousness shows you that there is no such thing as an ordinary moment in your life and helps you to see that Life is speaking to you at all moments. By becoming curious about what you are experiencing, and by giving it your compassion and attention until you can let go of it, you evolve to the next level of consciousness, allowing life to move through you.

This is where you recognize that Life is Trustable! It is not always likable, but it knows what it is doing. Imagine a life where you trust life implicitly and every morning you wake up with a sense of adventure where your heart is open and your mind is curious. Rather than struggling with life, you open to it – opening the flow (just like un-kinking a hose), so the vibrant flow of energy that is Life can now move freely through you, and this brings forth the joy and aliveness you so deeply long for. Step-by-step Life is bringing you into a higher consciousness, into the ability to be fully here now – present for Life. Now you can relax and show up for the adventure that is your life.

6) Life is You!

The more you can stand with Life, allowing it to move through you rather than reacting to it or controlling it, the more you get a glimpse of the 6th level of consciousness in which you see that Life Is you. You are no longer a separate being. Instead you merge completely back into the creative flow of Life, understanding that everything, every molecule, every person, rock, cloud, and lady-bug – is you. You Are Life!
Eckhart Tolle said,
“You are not in the universe, you are the Universe – an intrinsic part of it… Ultimately, you are a focal point where the Universe is becoming conscious of Itself.” What an amazing miracle!

As you look closely at the 6 Levels of Higher Consciousness, you will see that the first two (1&2) are about fixing, changing, and trying to control life. Life is happening to you and by you. These phases are the world of your inner storyteller who doesn’t want what’s here, doesn’t know how to open to life and wants what is not here. Throughout both of these levels of consciousness there is a veil between you and the living experiences of Life because neither phase is about showing up for the creative river of Life.

The next 2 phases (3&4), are about using your mind to be curious about what is happening rather than resisting and controlling. When life is happening in you, you recognize that your storyteller inside is what separates you from Life. So rather than trying to change anything, you become interested in what you are experiencing in any given moment. The more you are present to Life, the more clear it is that Life knows what it is doing and that It is For you!

The final 2 levels of higher consciousness is all about coming home to the fullness of Life. The more you live in the Truth that Life is for you, the more you relax into the flow, bringing you to the joy of Life moving through you. This is when you realize that Life is you and you are Life!

So, let go of the whole game of resisting Life and instead trust It. In this trust you can open to it, listen to it and grow from every encounter. Your life is a journey from unconsciousness to higher consciousness!

When you learn how to stop trying to make your life what you think you want it to be and just show up for it instead – you discover that All is Well and that it is safe to be here. You can then show up for the life that Life is giving you. And when you do this, you begin to shift into the higher consciousness that knows that ‘Life is you and you are life!”

So, Spend some time with these levels of consciousness and honestly assess where you find yourself on this journey. It is only through conscious awareness, conscious choices, and conscious action that we can evolve into a Higher Level of Consciousness!


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“…As we bring ourselves to a greater vision, we induce a greater concept
and thereby demonstrate more in our experience.
In this way there is continuous growth and unfoldment taking place.
Little by little we can unfold our consciousness… until at last we are free.”
(‘Science of Mind’, Ernest Holmes; pg. 282)

Love & Blessings,