Cheryl’s Corner 1-23-18

Welcome to Cheryl’s Corner!

January 23, 2018

Coming into 2018 with a deliberate focus on ‘Consciously Evolving’  has already proven to not only beneficial, but life-changing.

I am seeing prayers answered, consistent and persistent affirmations turning into knowing and knowing turning into reality. From the perfect car for me to the opportunity to achieve the long-held desire of going back to school for another, manifestations are occurring! One can only live consciously by staying as close to the ‘Now moment’ as possible. Once you move from the present moment and place your attention on all the distractions around you or the past or future, you lose sight of all the opportunities, choices or awareness’s that are possible in that moment.

Conscious living is the path that brings you face-to-face with your True self and your True passions and desires. It is also the path to truly connected relationships. This path allows you to consciously create your life personally and in relationship. Congratulations to all of you who are consciously manifesting!

Last week I began a 2 week series on our human journey from unconsciousness, to consciousness, to a higher consciousness by sharing with you, from my perspective, some Michael Beckwith’s wisdom.  The first 4 levels of “The 6 Levels of Higher Consciousness” were addressed in last week’s Cheryl’s Corner. I encourage you to look back to the Cheryl’s Corner page to read the January 16th post about how you can consciously evolve through the Levels to a Higher Consciousness, one where you can achieve mastery!

The 6 Levels of Higher Consciousness (cont.)

5) Life Happens Through You

This phase of higher consciousness shows you that there is no such thing as an ordinary moment in your life and helps you to see that Life is speaking to you at all moments. By becoming curious about what you are experiencing, and by giving it your compassion and attention until you can let go of it, you evolve to the next level of consciousness, allowing life to move through you.

This is where you recognize that Life is Trustable! It is not always likable, but it knows what it is doing. Imagine a life where you trust life implicitly and every morning you wake up with a sense of adventure where your heart is open and your mind is curious. Rather than struggling with life, you open to it – opening the flow (just like un-kinking a hose), so the vibrant flow of energy that is Life can now move freely through you, and this brings forth the joy and aliveness you so deeply long for. Step-by-step Life is bringing you into a higher consciousness, into the ability to be fully here now – present for Life. Now you can relax and show up for the adventure that is your life.

6) Life is You!

The more you can stand with Life, allowing it to move through you rather than reacting to it or controlling it, the more you get a glimpse of the 6th level of consciousness in which you see that Life Is you. You are no longer a separate being. Instead you merge completely back into the creative flow of Life, understanding that everything, every molecule, every person, rock, cloud, and lady-bug – is you. You Are Life!
Eckhart Tolle said,
“You are not in the universe, you are the Universe – an intrinsic part of it… Ultimately, you are a focal point where the Universe is becoming conscious of Itself.” What an amazing miracle!

As you look closely at the 6 Levels of Higher Consciousness, you will see that the first two (1&2) are about fixing, changing, and trying to control life. Life is happening to you and by you. These phases are the world of your inner storyteller who doesn’t want what’s here, doesn’t know how to open to life and wants what is not here. Throughout both of these levels of consciousness there is a veil between you and the living experiences of Life because neither phase is about showing up for the creative river of Life.

The next 2 phases (3&4), are about using your mind to be curious about what is happening rather than resisting and controlling. When life is happening in you, you recognize that your storyteller inside is what separates you from Life. So rather than trying to change anything, you become interested in what you are experiencing in any given moment. The more you are present to Life, the more clear it is that Life knows what it is doing and that It is For you!

The final 2 levels of higher consciousness is all about coming home to the fullness of Life. The more you live in the Truth that Life is for you, the more you relax into the flow, bringing you to the joy of Life moving through you. This is when you realize that Life is you and you are Life!

So, let go of the whole game of resisting Life and instead trust It. In this trust you can open to it, listen to it and grow from every encounter. Your life is a journey from unconsciousness to higher consciousness!

When you learn how to stop trying to make your life what you think you want it to be and just show up for it instead – you discover that All is Well and that it is safe to be here. You can then show up for the life that Life is giving you. And when you do this, you begin to shift into the higher consciousness that knows that ‘Life is you and you are life!”

So, Spend some time with these levels of consciousness and honestly assess where you find yourself on this journey. It is only through conscious awareness, conscious choices, and conscious action that we can evolve into a Higher Level of Consciousness!


This Week at CSL:

Wednesday, 10:00am-12noon; Jacque’s Spiritual Discussion Group with Jacque Boyd  
Wednesday, 6:30-8:00pm; EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
with John Chrenko
TNT – Thursday, 6:30-8:00pm; Empathic Empowerment
with Andrea Sumers

Sunday 11:00am-12:15pm
“Title”- to be announced…
Speaker: Andrea Sumers

January POTLUCK: 12:30-1:00pm

Bring food to share and let’s enjoy a loving Community Meal together!


“…As we bring ourselves to a greater vision, we induce a greater concept
and thereby demonstrate more in our experience.
In this way there is continuous growth and unfoldment taking place.
Little by little we can unfold our consciousness… until at last we are free.”
(‘Science of Mind’, Ernest Holmes; pg. 282)

Love & Blessings,


Cheryls’ Corner 1-16-18

Welcome to Cheryl’s Corner!

January 16, 2018

Our focus this year is ‘Consciously Evolving’ and throughout January, we are exploring how our life experiences are what give us the opportunity to consciously choose, change, & create our evolving life one day, one choice at a time.

Today, I would like to expand on this idea of choosing to evolve from our current state of consciousness to a level of ‘Higher Consciousness’.  I have been reading & or listening to – researching – a lot about our consciousness and how to understand, expand and evolve this Divine aspect of ourselves. I want to share some of what I’m learning with you. 
This Cheryl’s Corner is going to be a 2 part series or study, going deeper into learning ways to move toward our Higher Levels of Consciousness.


To begin, here is a quote from Ernest Holmes that shows us the Science of Mind philosophy regarding achieving our Higher Consciousness:

”The best way to arrive at the highest consciousness is to have a great faith in the willingness and the ability of Spirit to do all for us by working through us. We must believe in the inherent goodness and all-powerfulness of the Spirit. We must let every path lead us back to the point where we realize the inner presence of the great Reality. There, through the door of our own thought, we enter into the Universal Consciousness, into a complete realization of life and truth, of love and beauty.”

(‘The Spiritual Universe and You’ – 1971; p. 89.4)

  • You are Life evolving into a higher consciousness.
  • Your life is not a random series of events.
  • It is an intelligent and mysterious process that continues throughout your life.
  • Your life is a journey from unconsciousness, to consciousness,
    to higher consciousness.


Michael Beckwith has written extensively on this topic & I want to pass on some of his (greatly summarized) wisdom with you.




Six Levels of “Higher Consciousness”





1) Life Happens TO You
Since we never really know what is going to happen next in our life, we can feel like life is happening to us. From happy to sad to unsettled we can often feel like we are being tossed around by the winds of fate. This can cause you to feel that life is unsafe or threatening. These feelings remain alive and thriving because your inner ‘story teller’ is always ready to tell you a story based on your past experiences, hurts and fears. The story teller within you resists, reacts, defends, & explains. It is not open to life here & now. 
At this level or phase, you are more unconscious than conscious of what is truly going on in your life. The more unconscious you are, the more you feel like a victim of life. Victimhood = Powerlessness!

2) Life Happens BY You
When it gets too uncomfortable to live with your victim feelings and your lack of power you begin to seek a different, bigger thought and you move in a different direction – away from what makes you feel so powerless – toward choosing to believe that life happens by you, by your choices, your decisions and your actions. Rather than being a ‘victim’ to life, you begin to believe you can control it. This can be a great feeling of personal power and it is a necessary step in moving out of the victimhood of the first level of being unconscious. However, believing you can control life has its own set of problems. Mostly we try to control ourselves, trying to make ourselves be what we think we ‘should’ be – trying to make it happen or even force it to happen. This is counter-productive and causes frustration and discontent. Life flows – it cannot be forced!

3) Life Happens IN You
At this level of Being, you begin to see that all of your reacting and controlling behavior has not brought you the ease and joy that you long for. Instead of being the victim to your life, or needing to make it be any particular way, you see the endless game of struggle. Struggling to look a particular way or to be seen by others the way you want them to see you… What a never ending struggle! When this awareness becomes apparent to you and when you stop resisting and struggling, you begin to turn your attention within and that’s when the healing you long for begins. You begin to get that Life is happening inside of you and that it is something to be ‘listened to’, to ‘open-up to. This is when you start evolving into the next stage of Higher Consciousness. At this higher phase, you begin to realize that, as is written in the Talmud, “we don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are”!

4) Life is Happening For You
Become curious about what is happening in your life rather than reacting to it and trying to controlling it all. When you get out of the way you open to the realization that life is happening for you. You see that it is not something that is happening to you that you must control! In this level of consciousness you begin to realize that there are no ordinary moments and that Life is not a random series of events, it is a highly Intelligent unfolding that is putting you in the exact situations you need in order for you to see and unhook from your paradigms, your erroneous beliefs, or ‘personal stories’ that keep you separate from Life’s flow. At this level of consciousness, no matter what is happening in your life – you finally understand that life knows what it is doing – and you begin to show up for life exactly as it is.


Throughout your day, allowing moments of curiosity about what is happening right now, can be powerful. Every time you respond, rather that react to what is going on inside, what was formerly bound-up, begins to loosen. Remember, your natural state is ‘free-flowing aliveness’! When this aliveness gets trapped in your ‘story’, your energy and joy diminish. When your thoughts about your story receives the light of Truth and your attention to it, then you can let go of this trapped energy – it can once again flow freely, bringing with it greater awareness and freedom.

  • Remember:Life is set up to bring up what has been bound up so it can open up to be freed up so you can show up for life! Connect with this moment in your life right now. Hear it, sense it, feel it – this ‘now moment’ is the only moment that matters in your whole life – for it is the only moment where life is happening!

Continued… Read about the 5th, & 6th Levels of Higher Conscious in next week’s Cheryl’s Corner!


This Week at CSL:
Wednesday, 10:00am-12noon; Jacque’s Spiritual Discussion Group with Jacque Boyd
Cancelled this week 
Wednesday, 6:30-8:00


EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
with John Chrenko
TNT – Thursday, 6:30-8:00pm


Going Deeper with Spirit: Discussion Group with Kelly & July Freeman Sunday 11:00am-12:15pm

“Consciousness & Relationships” with Kelly Freeman



“There is an inner Life into which we may plunge, an inner consciousness in which we may bathe. As water purifies itself by flowing, so our inner realization of the flow of Life through us purifies the stagnant pools of our fears and doubts. As weary travelers crossing the desert, seeking the refreshment of an oasis, so we, with a mind weary with confusion and exhausted with too much effort, should seek a spiritual oasis, an inner communion with the invisible Presence.” (Holmes)

Love & Blessings,


Cheryl’s Corner 1-8-18

Welcome to Cheryl’s Corner!

January 8, 2018

On  Sunday, our time together was spent in a contemplative meditation – a time of personally reviewing and identifying those things from 2017 that we desired to release and let go of – like hurts, disappointments, fears, certain experiences, etc. We did a 2017 Releasing Ceremony to let go of those things that we don’t want to drag into 2018 with us.  

We took the time to look at our positive experiences with others and of things learned and gained in 2017. We went within to feel appreciation and gratitude for these things, knowing that the more grateful we are, the more the universe will give us to be grateful for in 2018! We then spent some time with our Inner Self, our God-Self, identifying our Spirit driven goals and desires for this year. Setting personal intentions for the year and daily working toward those intentions can help us to not only stay on track but it allows us, through the power of our thoughts, words, and actions to literally create those desired intentions!

I  am sharing the process we went through with you to show you how easy and powerful it is to Review, Release, Rejoice & Renew your life at the beginning of each year. I want to encourage you, if you have not already done so, to spend some time with yourself and Review 2017, Release what no longer serves you, Rejoice in those things & people that you were immensely grateful for through the year, and then Renew your commitment to yourself by identifying those things that Spirit is pulling you toward, those things that make your heart sing! Set your intention to accomplish those things and move forward this year. Then, as you consciously move toward your desires, watch yourself achieving those small goals, leading to the manifestation of your intentions for 2018!



“Consciously Evolving” will be our focus and our intention here at CSL this year!  And this month’s focus is “Life” – our Consciously Evolving Life! 


Conscious Evolution is defined by the Foundation for Conscious Evolution as, “the evolution of evolution, from unconscious to conscious choice. While consciousness has been evolving for billions of years, conscious evolution is new.”


There is a profound shift in consciousness occurring on this planet. More and more people are discontent. They are seeking answers and learning the importance of their thoughts, feelings, and words and how changing their choices and beliefs are what will create for them a consciously evolved life!

That’s how change happens – one enlightened, consciously evolving person at a time!  By being mindful of your thoughts and your choices you are able to shape your reality and as you change your reality, your world of circumstances, situations, stressors… change, as does the world around you.  In this way, you become an integral part of the evolution of the consciousness of humanity. You will find yourself personally living a Consciously Evolving Life!

Join us this Sunday as we look at how powerful are choices are – they can make us or break us, they can build us up or tear us down, they can create flow or stagnation. The Choice is always ours to consciously move forward or unconsciously live by default.


This Week at CSL:

Wednesday, 10:00am-12noon; Jacque’s Spiritual Discussion Group
Wednesday, 6:30-8:00; EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
With John Chrenko
TNT – Thursday, 6:30-8:00pm; Bonnie O’Boyle & the
Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy Club

Sunday 11:00am-12:15pm
The Power of Our Conscious Choices
with Cheryl Bell RScP

By focusing your energy on making as many of your decisions as consciously as possible,

you will maximize your ability to pursue your passions and purpose –

you will create positive change in your life and conscious evolution for your soul!


Love & Blessings,


Cheryl’s Corner 12-21-17

Welcome to Cheryl’s Corner!

Dear CSL Fayetteville Community,

We here at CSL want to take this opportunity to tell you how much you are loved and appreciated!   This Holiday Season we want to enrich your experience by expressing our heart-felt intentions for you to have your Highest and Best year ever this Christmas and in 2018! 

Here are some Symbolic Metaphysical Wishes, from our hearts to yours,
for an Awesome Christmas and a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year!


Here are 20 Christmas wishes for you, based in the symbolism of the Christmas story with a metaphysical interpretation:

  1. May the Christ Spirit permeate your consciousness to become a transformative experience – your Inner Christmas. This Christmas, may you move from the inn or your intellect to the manger of your heart, from where the ‘Christ’ is born. The stable represents new beginnings and the earth plane. May you be centered and grounded each day, welcoming new beginnings.
  2. Jesus’ human father, Joseph, represents your intellectual nature. This Christmas, let it guide you to the right state of mind to support a new spiritual awareness.
  3. Mary symbolizes pure intuition. This Christmas, may your intuitive insight guide you to accept the birth of new blessings in your life.
  4. This Christmas, like a spiritual shepherd, may you observe and tend to your thoughts and feelings with living care to welcome the Christ within you.
  5. Angels represent messages from God as divine inspiration and guidance, which bring ‘good tidings of great joy’. May angels sing in you this Christmas.
  6. May you be like the three wise men – The Magi – who represent the higher wisdom and spiritual insight that comes when we are open to the guidance of the guiding light of truth.
  7. The guiding Christmas star represents our higher Christ-like aspirations that always lead to an awareness of our divine potential. May you be open and receptive to the possibilities of your own Christhood.
  8. The magi’s gift of gold represents material possessions, which, when dedicated to God, become a force for good.
  9. May your treasure become a powerful magnet for everything you truly need or desire in life.
  10. The magi’s gift of frankincense is incense – a beautiful symbol of an atmosphere of prayer. May your prayers extend upward, activating your higher consciousness and manifesting your spiritual aspirations.
  11. The magi’s fragrant gift of myrrh was highly valued for use in funerals. May it help you to put to rest any negative thoughts and concerns, to renew your heart, mind and spirit this Christmas.
  12. The inner Christ is an unlimited source of light that burns within each of us. Like a burning candle, we can share our light without diminishing our source in any way. May your light burn brightly this Christmas and every day.
  13. Camels can be stubborn, but with patience and faith the wise men guided them to follow the light to the Christ child. May you do the same with any negative thoughts to arrive at the light of truth. 
  14. In the nativity, the donkey reminds us that strength of character and slow persistence are admirable traits. This Christmas, may your spirit be strengthened & your pace be steady as you bring your highest goals into expression.
  15. Straw is the inedible by-product after grain is harvested. Everything in life has a purpose, and sometimes an unexpected one. May you have the faith that you are exactly where you need to be and that you are serving your divine purpose. 
  16. While sheep see only the path, their shepherd knows the goal. Sheep will follow their shepherd over rocky ground or through desert wastelands because they trust they are being led to green pastures & life-giving water. May you also trust that the Christ light within will guide you.
  17. May you give and receive gifts that light your face and your spirit – like understanding, faith, love and gratitude!
  18. Evergreens symbolize perseverance and resiliency amidst adversity. May your faith be a steadfast light in the midst of any and all areas and aspects of your life.
  19. In this Sacred season, may you recognize the hope, peace, love and joy of each wonder-filled day.
  20. With faith and hope may you know that “Spirit goes before your making perfect, plain, straight, easy and happy the pathway of your experience” every day of the year!


I want to thank everyone for coming to our Christmas Party last night – it was a great success – check out our Facebook pictures!  Your generosity provided a Christmas bonus for our Awesome musicians! Thank You!



Tonight at CSL, we will have TNT-Thursday Night Thrive:
“Going Deep with Spirit” – with Kelly Freeman at 6:30pm

ALSO – Tonight 12/21, at the UU Fayetteville, 901 Cleveland St
Winter Solstice Celebration at 7:00pm

This Sunday is Christmas Eve!
I have decided, since it may be snowing, to cancel Sunday’s Christmas brunch!
Let’s all stay home & enjoy Christmas Eve with our families & friends this year

Have a wonderful, joyous, love-filled Christmas
And may this year, 2018, your best year ever!

Love & Blessings:

Cheryl’s Corner 12-14-17

Welcome to Cheryl’s Corner!

We are mid-way into December and into our discussions about Creativity & our Natural Creative abilities. We have learned that we are always creating – that’s how we’re made, it’s how life works!


Just as Source, Our Creator created All that is, we too are able to create in just that same way – through the Divine Creative Process of thought, belief, & manifestation.  We create our surroundings, our circumstances and the events in our lives – all based on the intensity and repetition of the thoughts that we think, the energy & feelings we experience in the words that we speak, and the depth of the beliefs that we hold.  This month we have the opportunity to create a magical Christmas experience for ourselves and everyone around us.

We have explored the creative expression of “Kindness” and the power it holds to brighten someone’s day and to reveal our own ‘light’ to the world – which is what the Christmas season is all about – birthing, growing, & sharing that light that you are to all around you! 

Last week, I explored Our Creative Imagination in Cheryl’s Corner. I discussed the Power you possess to change your life just through the action of imagining – in detail- what you want to manifest. Your detailed involvement with your imagination becomes your ‘rehearsal’ for the life you are creating!

This past Sunday, we spoke about Our Creative Nudges and how important it is to take time to listen to that limitless Creativity that is within you. That still small voice, or that whispering voice that you can barely hear. If we don’t take time to be still and listen, we may miss those Divine Creative Nudges that Spirit brings to us, in so many ways, so that we can truly embody the larger expression of who we are!

As Ernest Holmes wrote in “Thoughts Are Things”

“A limitless Creativity exists and expresses through all that is. It is always seeking a fuller channel of expression through you. Recognize that It exists, and accept It’s action in your life.”

I encourage you to recognize that this limitless creativity exists in you in every moment. Allow & accept those Divine Creative ideas. Let those Nudges move you forward in your life!  

Sunday is be our Christmas message:
“The Metaphysical Christmas”

This Sunday, 12-17, I want to explore in depth the deeper meaning of the Christmas story. I want you to contemplate these meanings for yourself and move into a greater understanding of the Christmas story.
The Christmas story is your story. It is the drama of the birth of your awakening to the Truth that you ‘are’ the Christ expressing at the point of ‘you’. Metaphysically, it represents a transformation in consciousness. It is a moment of enlightenment, an interior journey of the growing awareness of your unfolding Christhood.

The next Sunday is Christmas Eve We will be meeting at our usual time, 11am-12:15pm
So, on 12-24, Christmas Eve , we will be having a Sunday morning Christmas Brunch for those who would like to share your Christmas Eve morning with your CSL family.
Let’s come together with the Light, Love, & Joy that Christmas brings as we birth that Christ Consciousness within our own hearts and lives this Christmas!
This Week at CSL Fayetteville
2nd Thursday, 12/14 – “Thursday Night Thrive” (TNT): 6:30-8:30pm
Bonnie O’Boyle’s “Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy Club

Sunday, 11:00am-12:15pm – “The Metaphysical Christmas”

We are currently having a Food Drive at CSL. 
We will be donating to 7 Hills Shelter on 12-21. We are also collecting coats to donate as well. Donations received this Sunday & Wednesday morning 10am-noon Next Wednesday evening will be our party and… you will receive a free raffle ticket for every donation you bring!
 Donations will be received through December 20th. 
You can call 479-502-4540 for an alternative donation site and time.

CSL 4th Annual Christmas Party:
December 20th, 6:00-8:30+pm
Fun – Music – Eating
Decorating – Raffle & Auction!
(Bring Finger-foods to share)

Christmas represents the birth of our awareness that the Christ Presence has expressed itself as us in human form. And like Jesus, we can grow into our conscious Christhood by following the same inner compass He used to find his way Home.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Love & Blessings,